CROWDFUNDING TIPS: Misconceptions revealed


Big ups to film producer, sales agent, and crowdfunding pioneer Thomas Mai for sharing one of the fundamental misconceptions that filmmakers are fed when it comes to how best to crowdfund:

Filmmakers, you’ve been lied to. Film school has taught you to pitch the WHAT about your project — WHAT is the story, WHAT is the cast, WHAT are the target group for the film etc — but the WHAT is not the most important element when it comes to crowdfunding. The WHY is! You see it comes down to your likability on camera. ‘But I’m cool and I’m a great filmmaker’ I hear you say. While that’s good for you, that’s not why people want to engage with your crowd-funding campaign.

Click HERE for more useful information from Thomas Mai via HopeForFilm

Additional source: Ted Hope

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