Our filmed works have appeared on various networks including ABC, BET, MNet and VH-1 among others. We currently have several television and documentary and narrative film projects in development for an assortment of networks/outlets including:


Stanford University: A History of African-American life. (Official Stanford University commission)

Status: Completed          Director: Maeyen Bassey        Genre: Documentary

Released: Spring 2013 – NYC Premiere


Nneka Live in Los Angeles – One hour TV Special for MNet

Status: Post-Production         Director: Maeyen Bassey        Genre: Television Special

Release: Fall 2013


Journey to My Nigeria – Feature length documentary film.

One first generation Nigerian-American filmmaker’s journey to experience and understand her rich Nigerian heritage.

Status: Post-Production              Director: Maeyen Bassey            Genre: Documentary feature

Release: 2014

Twitter: @MyNigeriaMovie


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